Have a change from a wreath and opt for an elegant fresh swag to decorate your entrance this Christmas. Swags are made on a straight base of rattan and moss to provide nutrients and water throughout the festive season. These swags are available in a choice of foliage to provide interest, texture and the undoubted scents of Christmas. Why not go all out and adorn each of your doors differently with a wreath at the front and a swag on the back, whichever way your guests arrive you are sure to impress. 

A swag of Christmas Foliage

  • This swag is alive, each piece of foliage has been carefully cut and placed on a moss and rattan base that acts as a sponge to supply water and nutrients. Your swag is ideally placed outside on a door where the rain can permiate, naturally watering the foliage and keeping it hydrated. Your swag should be sheltered from extreme weather conditions including strong winds, heavy rainfall and extreme temperatures. Direct sunlight may cause your swag to dry out and crisp earlier than advertised. If your swag is placed in a porch or if the weather is dry then spray your swag with cold clean fresh water as often as possible. The foliage used in your swag naturally dries and some foliage types may crisp adding to texture as time goes on. If your swag starts to look past its best, remove your swag from the door, water with a watering can, leave to drain and rehang.