Wedding Table Decoration


This is me! I'm Bev, the creative, the florist, the business owner here at Pocket & Posy. 

At Pocket & Posy I specialise in growing and arranging luxury eco-friendly flowers for weddings across the North east of England.


I marry luxury hand grown flowers with quality eco-conscious varieties grown by myself and others who tread lightly and care about the world that we live in.

I work at home from my studio outside in my garden. Usually you'll find me wearing my wellies, tending to plants, potting up seedlings or cutting lavish blooms from my cut flower garden to use in luxury wedding installations. 

The Garden is a great source of inspiration, enjoyment and will provide luxury blooms for years to come. 

My Daughter is the reason I do what I do. Creating a good life for her, one filled with nature, surrounded by flowers with creativity at the centre of everything we do. 

My work has a distinct vibrancy and marries seamlessly with natural surroundings, I take a lot of influence from nature, wooden elements, earthy textures, beautiful

flowers and contrasting colour tones.

If you're an eco-conscious couple wanting to choose