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luxury eco-friendly flowers in north east england


This is me! I'm Bev, the creative, the florist, the business owner here at Pocket & Posy. 

I believe that if there's a way of being more eco-friendly we should all damn well do it. I truly love this planet, I love to travel and experience the sheer beauty of nature.  I want to make sure that the next generation get to experience the beauty of the world that we see today, my hope is that by doing things differently I can inspire others to make small changes too, and by making small changes collectively suppliers can change the wedding industry from the inside. 

At Pocket & Posy I specialise in growing and arranging luxury eco-friendly flowers for weddings across the North east of England.


I marry luxury hand grown flowers with quality eco-conscious varieties grown by myself and others who tread lightly and care about the world that we live in.

I source the majority of my flowers from the UK, growing as much as possible myself. I'm on a mission to reduce the amount of imported flowers I use. My couples understand that by choosing British flowers they really do have the best that mother nature can offer with each season. 

I work at home from my studio outside in my garden. Usually, you'll find me wearing my wellies, tending to plants, potting up seedlings or cutting blooms from my cut flower garden to use in luxury wedding installations. 

My Daughter is the reason I do what I do. I'm creating a good life for her, one filled with nature, surrounded by flowers with creativity at the centre of everything we do. 

I've always been creative with a Degree in Contemporary Applied Art, as well as qualifications in Floristry. My background in composition, colour and design has given me a great foundation for my floristry work. 

There is no reason why two of the most naturally beautiful industries (Floristry industry and the wedding industry) should contribute to the earths demise.


When i first stepped into the world of floristry I was taken aback by the sheer amount of plastic waste, the huge amounts of air miles. The poor working conditions and the pollution of water through the use of floristry foam made of plastic.  

If you're an eco-conscious couple, marrying between March and October,  wanting a vibrant luxurious mix of seasonal British flowers for your wedding. enquire below. 

Eco-friendly flower expert, Bev. Wearing a eucalyptus crown made with compostable mechanics. Available in the North East of England.
Eco floristry expert, Bev and her daughter.
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